Energy efficient roofing materials are abounding in popularity, and if your roof is on the verge of failure or you’re in the midst of a custom build, you’ve probably considered going with a roof that lends itself to higher efficiency. Otherwise known as “cool roofing,” going with this type of roofing is advantageous for a variety of reasons.

The Benefits

When it comes to the roof that sits on top of your home, there are a few key reasons why cool roofing is the way to go:

  • The main reasons why homeowners go for cool roofing is because it means lower utility bills throughout the year.
  • Even if you aren’t using your HVAC system all the time, energy efficient roofing makes your home more comfortable by keeping things at a consistent temperature and minimizing drafts.
  • Since excessive heat can cause your roof to deteriorate, going with cool roofing can make your roof last longer than a standard roof.

Plus, in many places, using energy efficient roofing materials on your home makes you eligible for economic rebates.

The Drawbacks

While it’s hard to imagine there are downfalls of energy efficient, there are two drawbacks you need to be aware of. First, cool roofing often comes in lighter color options, which may make your roof look dirtier faster. Second, during the winter, you might have to heat your home at a higher rate than you’re used to. However, this depends on the length of the winter season where you live, snowfall, and the average number of cloudy versus sunny days.

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