We Can Work With Your Monthly Budget

Competitive Rates Including ZERO Interest Options Through a Fast, Secure Process

If you are ready to invest in your home, we can help you obtain financing. For many homeowners, knowing that affordable monthly payments are available gives great peace of mind.

Not all home improvement companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas offer help with financing. And some that do offer financing make the process so cumbersome it ends up being a source of stress.

Not only are we happy to help, we also eliminate hassles during the application process. Customers tell us they love our ‘no-worry’ approach to financing. For example, if you have a target number for a monthly payment, we will look for ways to structure the payment plan so it fits nicely within your regular budget.

Less Than Perfect Credit?

Some homeowners are concerned if they have less than perfect credit. While perfect credit is great and gives you maximum financing options for home remodeling in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, other credit options are definitely available. Our process is secure and private, so there is no harm in applying… and it’s rare we can’t work out a reasonable payment plan.

Please note that you will are not required to accept a plan just because you apply for it. In other words, there is no downside to exploring your financing options.

18 Month Same-As-Cash Option

For those with good to excellent credit, we do have an ’18 Month Same-As-Cash’ Option. This is an opportunity to pay ZERO interest using a monthly payment plan of up to 18 months. Our customers love this opportunity to spread out the cost without paying a dime in interest.

Getting a Payment Plan

Obtaining financing could not be simpler. Fill out our application – and don’t worry, it’s not one of those endless forms that ask you way too many questions. Next, you’ll be approved (in almost every case) and given the terms. Finally, you decide whether it’s the right option for you. No pressure, just facts. Once a financing plan is in place, we can move forward to schedule your project. Fast, simple, secure.